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Established in 1999, NDT Solutions, LLC (NDTS) creates added value through the synergy of various skills and expertise of its staff. The team applies engineering sciences to solve diverse customer needs. This involves hardware, software, mechanical systems, consulting, or the utilization of specialized equipment both at our facility or at the customers. 

We are a technology company with a mission. Our customers operate in some of the most challenging environments from earth and into space. They trust us to keep them prepared for what is next.

We combine innovation and flawless execution in a timely manner to give our customer confidence with their product readiness. As we relentlessly pursue new ideas, we know that everything we bring to market must deliver, without fail, every time. The urgency of our quest is matched by our commitment to the customers we serve.

Our team has aligned with Commercial Airlines, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Maintenance Repair & Operations (MROs), Sandia National Laboratories, and The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the development of advanced innovative solutions. The company has partnered with Spirit Aero Systems on unique inspection equipment as well as Invert Robotics on autonomous robots.


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