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Instrumented Impact Testing — MP Machinery and Testing, LLC

MP Machinery and Testing manufactures the most accurate Charpy impact test machines in the world and offers testing, research, and consulting services.

5 Years In A Row in The Energy, Aerospace, and Defense Industries

Welcome To The Home Of The World’s Most Accurate Impact Testing Equipment

When it comes to Instrumented Impact Testing, Industry Leaders Choose MPM:

  • MPM is the Only Company in the World that does Impact Testing and also Manufactures the Test Equipment

  • The Most Accurate Charpy and Izod Machines in the Industry

  • Testing Performed over a Temperature Range of -190ºC to 300ºC

  • Unmatched 100% Testing Accuracy Backed by Our 100% Service Satisfaction Guarantee

  • All Equipment, Including Each and Every Single Part, are Manufactured by MPM Here in the USA Under the Most Rigorous Quality Control System in the Industry

  • Every Client is Unique – Each Test is Performed Based on Your Specific Requirements

  • 24-Hour Turnaround Available – the Fastest Turnaround in the Industry

Introducing Impact Testing of the Future: The Most Advanced and Accurate Impact Testing in the Industry

If you need the material properties of any kind of steel, plastic, or ceramic material determined, with any kind of environmental condition simulated, we already have or can develop the perfect solution for your specific testing need.

We are dedicated to providing you with the best-in-class impact testing services and equipment. We understand the importance of the accurate determination of material properties for your business, can test to ASTM E 23, E 2248, E 2298, D 256, E 1820, E 604, E 436, E208 and related ASTM/ISO Standards, and ensure every test is performed under our most rigorous quality control process.

Don’t settle for less when you can work with the best.  Avoid any risks and surprises.  If the mechanical properties of your materials are not tested accurately, things can go wrong – failures can occur, materials can crack, and there’s the potential for catastrophe…

Innovation is a tradition at MPM. They don’t call us the impact testing leader for nothing.  We’ve revolutionized impact testing.  Our award winning Charpy Machines – The Powerful MPM Pendulum 9000 Test Machines coupled with our proprietary patented and unparalleled In-situ Heating & Cooling System technology, our automated high throughput specimen transfer system, our instrumented technology,  allows us to provide you with unmatched quality and reliability of impact testing in the industry.

“MPM is the undisputed leader in impact testing and provides the most comprehensive impact testing services available”

MPM offers the most reliable and best-in-class services available on the market today.  Our process and equipment are designed to meet the highest standards of quality and accuracy and our highly experienced team ensures that your impact testing is executed flawlessly and to your exact specifications. 

Our testing solutions are tailored to your needs, no matter the size or complexity of your problem. We don’t cut corners – we work as hard as you do. 

Meet Dr. Manahan. Recognized by Academia, Loved by the Industry… 

Since 2009 under Dr Manahan’s leadership MPM has been a sole source provider to EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute) for inspection and nuclear material testing services. 


“I personally guarantee the quality of each and every service provided by MPM including the quality and accuracy of your impact testing results”

~ Dr. Mike Manahan


Finally, there’s a better way to solve your impact testing problems. MPM’s impact testing services include a wide range of testing options that ensure maximum precision and accuracy. All team members at MPM are extensively trained and experienced using impact testing equipment, guaranteeing accurate and timely results.


“Simply the fastest and highest quality impact testing services. I strongly recommend MP Machinery and Testing. To say we are thrilled working with Dr. Manahan’s team is an understatement!”

Your Shortcut to Peace of Mind: MPM is the Global Leader in Instrumented Impact Testing Consistently Outperforming the Industry Standards

We make impact testing easy for you – we build the best impact testing equipment in the world and our experts are the most experienced and qualified in the industry. 


MPM is the go-to provider for impact testing services for businesses of all sizes and industries. Get your impact testing done the right way.  We can handle any request.  With MPM, you’ll always get the best possible results based on your specific needs and requirements.


Whether you need impact testing services or you are interested in the latest impact testing equipment – talk to us. 

Don’t Take Chances with Impact Testing Anymore: There’s Simply No Substitute for Accuracy and Reliability. Put Us to the Test Today!

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MP Machinery and Testing manufactures the most accurate Charpy impact test machines in the world and offers testing, research, and consulting services.

Instrumented Impact Testing — MP Machinery and Testing, LLC

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